Ottoman/stool to use for mostly sitting or kicking back, made out of ash and woven with danish cord. 2021

Living Room Drawing 218 x 12″Graphite on paper2021

The single-board side table. Simple, clean, no waste. Walnut and oak. 2021

Living Room Drawing 118 x 12″Graphite on paper2021

This all-purpose folding table is made out of maple. I have another one just like it and I use it in my small studio to make drawings, and then store away afterwards. But someone else could use it for anything really, like stacking old pizza boxes; or if you have one, you could even store …

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Wet Shoes43 x 32″Oil on canvas2021

Wet Shoes Drawing18 x 12″Graphite on paper2021

Trestle garden planter. It hasn’t grown much yet, but that speaks to my lack of gardening skills rather than any shortcomings of the container. 2021

Garden Shed with a Septic Leak43 x 32″Oil on canvas2021

Cute side table with a highly useful drawer to put next to a bed, a couch, or even a chair. Walnut and white oak. 2021