Three Legged Side Table

Keeping active items off the floor is imperative to health and hygiene. If you keep your mug of tea by your feet, it’s only a matter of time before you’re drinking dirt. Living with any level of dignity and sophistication just can’t allow such turpitude. This side table is the answer to unclean lifestyles.

This is made from curly ambrosia maple, but would look great in most species of wood. It has hand-cut dovetails on the table top and drawer, a hand-turned column, and sculpted feet.The knob is an antique ceramic ball with a brass sleeve, but any number of options would work as well. Dimensions are somewhat variable. (A good book and a Far Side mug are not included.)

This measures 26(H) x 19(W) x 17(D)”

Estimated price is $4,000

Available for local pick up and delivery (Charlotte, NC), or shipping TBD.

If interested, contact me for more information!