Booze Basement43 x 32″Oil on canvas2022

This yellow fellow came to me old, broken, and a little ugly. It was headed for the campfire. It took more work than it was really worth, but we might get another fifty years out of it. It still smells great.

This is a very heavy coffee table made out of a really old plank of red cedar (I think), with a white oak undercarriage. The plank was used as some sort of work surface for more than 100 years, as you can see saw marks and forged nails still embedded. I took out all the …

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A timber frame dollhouse for the little one. Features include hardwood floors, a solid oak staircase, and a special ladder entrance to the rocket ship attic party room. The scale is 1:12 in space and time, because it took 12 times as long to build as we thought it would. She picked out the wallpaper, …

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Here is a box for booze, for when you want to show up to a party and not be a typical schlub. It is made from walnut with a cherry front door, and a leather tote handle. Don’t leave it behind when the gracious hosts kick you out for being too drunk.

This is a death metal guitar rattle toy for a little baby. It is made out of white oak with inlaid walnut fretbars. The knob can turn all the way around, which means the volume can go all the way up.

Booze Basement Drawing18 x 12″Graphite on paper2021

Cornucopia43 x 32″Oil on canvas2021

This little stool gang is great for sitting on or propping up some tired old feet. Two are made from oak, and two are made from walnut, all woven with danish cord. They can even fold up and store flat, in case you need to clear the dance floor.

This is a little bench made out of white oak and danish cord. Part of a larger commission, this piece is meant to be placed at the foot of a king size bed. Good for setting down some luggage after a long trip, or even pulling on socks and tying shoelaces.