Big toy chest made from white oak. If anyone out there knows of a soft-close chest hinge that actually works, please leave me a message. 2021

Wallace24 x 18″Oil on canvas2021

It was time to upgrade my painting cart to something that had everything I might need while working. No more walking across the room just to get another squeeze of titanium white. The doors at the bottom are shoji style and can pop right out if need be. And don’t pay attention to the clunky …

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The left-over-yard-work family seat set. 2021

Morandi Workshop32 x 42.5″Oil on canvas 2020

Shoulder planes are too expensive if you don’t use one all the time. This one won’t last as long as the metal ones, but it’s good enough for now. 2020

Fed up with my inadequate art store easel, I trashed it and built this one. All it needs to do is one thing well, and this one does. 2020

Workshop with the Government on a Shelf12 x 9″Pencil on paper2020

I deconstructed an old xylophone toy and used the keys for this toy. It was a Christmas present for the kiddo. 2020

Bench on a budget. Made out of construction lumber and holds all the tools that were used to build it. 2020