A nightmare on elm seat!

Laundry Room18 x 12″Graphite on paper2022

Attic43 x 32″Oil on canvas2022

These are magic mood wands I made for my little one. She can point them at someone and instantly make them feel different. There is a silly one, a sad one, an angry one, and a happy one. They were turned and painted on my treadle lathe. Approximately 13″ tall.

This is a companion piece to the previous stool. It is also made out of left-over yard work, namely Texas live oak branches, and the seat and back are woven with danish cord.

This fine specimen belongs to one of my favorite genres- old yard work furniture. A Texas live oak branch had to come down in the back yard. Rather than letting the bugs eat it, I stripped the bark, let it dry, and turned it into this. It measures approximately 19(h) x 19(w) x 14(d).”

Attic Drawing18 x 12″Graphite on paper2022

Keepsake box with a smaller box inside that has tiny little dovetails.

Moonlight Drawing12 x 18″Graphite on paper2022

What to do with all those scraps from previous pieces? Why not pretend you live in the Victorian era and spend an inordinate amount of time making a flower press for your child? That’s what I did. I even used my treadle lathe to turn the knobs and the shaft.