Hi, thanks for being here! This is a website where I catalogue my work and offer a few things to buy. I want this experience to be dynamic, so if this is interesting to you, check in frequently.

Making art has been with me for a long time, making furniture came more recently. A new baby helped me realize how much furniture we needed and how all of it we owned thus far was inadequate and lifeless. I started by building a diaper-changing table, and over the course of a couple years replaced almost every piece of furniture we had with something that matches our spirit. They are made with hand tools using traditional joinery methods.

It took this venture to also realize that is what I’ve been doing with painting this whole time – replacing lifeless empty spaces around me with something that matches the spirit of my being required to navigate them.

Please feel free to contact me with questions or comments. Regarding painting commissions – the answer is probably “no,” but I have been known to paint a pet portrait once in a while. As for furniture – I’m all ears.

Otherwise, thanks again for stopping by!

Seth A.