What to do with a decommissioned cutting board? Why not carve a tray out of it. This one is hard maple and measures about 14″ across and 2″ tall.

Another delightful folding chair. It’s basically the same as the others, but this one is made of maple and woven with black danish cord.

Slight modifications were made to the red prototype, and this is the version ready for production. This one is made of white oak and danish cord. As you can see, it looks great from every angle. Even when folded and stored, you’ll want to keep looking at it.

With this folding chair, I no longer have to turn away unexpected guests at my door. Come one, come all, you will now have a seat to sit in. This is all wood construction and folds completely flat with no awkward bits protruding at inconvenient angles. The back rest swivels, so if you are either …

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A nightmare on elm seat.

These are magic mood wands I made for my little one. She can point them at someone and instantly make them feel different. There is a silly one, a sad one, an angry one, and a happy one. They were turned and painted on my treadle lathe. Approximately 13″ tall.

This is a companion piece to the previous stool. It is also made out of left-over yard work, namely Texas live oak branches, and the seat and back are woven with danish cord.

This fine specimen belongs to one of my favorite genres- old yard work furniture. A Texas live oak branch had to come down in the back yard. Rather than letting the bugs eat it, I stripped the bark, let it dry, and turned it into this. It measures approximately 19(h) x 19(w) x 14(d).”

Keepsake box with a smaller box inside that has tiny little dovetails.

What to do with all those scraps from previous pieces? Why not pretend you live in the Victorian era and spend an inordinate amount of time making a flower press for your child? That’s what I did. I even used my treadle lathe to turn the knobs and the shaft.