Foot26 x 30″Oil on canvas2012    

Installation views of an exhibition at Art Palace Gallery, Houston, TX, 2012.

Prison20 x 36″Oil on canvas2012

Man and Baby 225 x 30″Oil on canvas2011

Grey 240 x 50″Oil on canvas2011

Fence 239.5 x 33″Oil on canvas2011

Best Part of a Bad Painting 217 x 33.5″Oil on canvas on panel2011

Silver Portrait 224.5 x 20″Oil on canvas2011

Untitled 221 x 27.5″Oil on canvas2011

Here’s a conversation that happened between Lane and Seth while they were looking at a book called “Around the Day in Eighty Worlds” by Julio Cortazar: Seth- Hey this book has really cool pictures in it.Lane- Yeah, it’s a good book. That’s why I bought it, idiot.S- Wouldn’t it be neat if I picked my …

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