Dining Table

If you’ve gone a long while eating out of your lap on the couch, you know how much of a drag it can be on your posture and dignity. Once you’ve had your dinner seated at a properly dedicated dining table, you’ll want to throw that stained old couch out the window. This table is designed to disassemble with ease just in case you need to turn a two-person chore into a one-person operation. Not featured here is the beautiful and nutritious meal prepared by your own hands in your own kitchen.

One table here is made from quarter-sawn white oak and the other from walnut, but they could be made from almost any species. Dimensions are somewhat variable to accommodate different circumstances.

The oak table measures 30(H) x 72(W) x 32(D)”
The walnut table measures 29(H) x 80(W) x 30(D)”

Estimated price is $8,000

Available for local pick up and delivery (Charlotte, NC), or shipping TBD.

If interested, contact me for more information!